A 60 second message for you from “Retirement Morpheus”

If you haven’t taken the Retirement Red Pill yet, then you may end up retiring in a world with…

01. Heavy Tax Burdens

Taxes are expected to double over the course of Baby Boomers’ retirement years. Retirement income can quickly disappear to rising taxes.


Nobody can afford to lose 50% or more of their savings in a market crash and maintain their standard of living through retirement.

03. Crippling Medical Expenses

Retirees are currently spending 20% of their income on medical expenses, with long-term care costs being the #1 expense.

Is America Prepared For Retirement?

The Numbers Don’t Lie

Statistics reveal some absolutely shocking truths:

  • 30% of workers don’t know what to do with their workplace retirement (401k) when they retire.
  • 44% of retirees admitted that healthcare expenses in retirement were higher than they expected.
  • A healthy couple retiring at age 65 in 2019 can expect to spend $285,000 in retirement on healthcare expenses alone, not including dental, vision, over-the-counter medications, and long-term care.


Of Americans Lose Sleep When Thinking About Retirement


Of Retirees Have Taken The Red Pill And Sleep Soundly

Will you take the blue pill and go back to worrying about retirement?

Or will you take the red pill and take control of your retirement?

It’s your choice…

The Retirement Blue Pill

  • Zero control over rising taxes.
  • Zero control over market losses.
  • Zero protection against huge medical bills.

The Retirement Red Pill

  • Zero-percent tax bracket.
  • Zero risk for your retirement portfolio.
  • Zero worry about long-term care expenses.

What Is The Red Pill, Anyway?

Join Our Upcoming Seminar To Take The Red Pill And Learn The Truth Behind The Retirement Matrix

Those most in need of the red pill are:

  • nearing retirement.
  • recently retired.
  • interested in developing a retirement plan.


 Here’s some of what you’ll learn when you take the Retirement Red Pill:

  • Up-to-date tax law changes, market volatility, and long-term care challenges that may threaten retirement income.
  • You’ll accurately assess your current financial position and develop a road-map to achieve your retirement goals.
  • A free financial wellness check will be available on-site during both seminars.
  • Gain understanding of whether or not your portfolio is truly diversified.
  • Learn how to properly plan your estate.

Retirement Red Pill Seminar

Hosted by the CIU School of Business

Presented by Doug Jolley of SHARP

Columbia International University

7435 Monticello Rd. Columbia, SC 29203

Tuesday, May 7th, 2019

Thursday, May 9th, 2019

from 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM

The seminars will be held at “The Launch” in the John R. Cook, Jr. Business and Entrepreneurship Center. Snacks will be provided.

Meet Your Morpheus

Your Guides Through The Retirement Matrix

Doug Jolley

CEO, Southern Health and Retirement Planning

Doug Jolley began his career in 1989 with American Republic Insurance. He left as Vice-President to begin as CEO of Southern Health and Retirement Planning.

Doug and his wife, Jan, are active members of 12 Springs Community Church and have one son, Jonathan, among their 37 years of wedded bliss.

Dr. Scott Adams

Dean of Business, Columbia International University

Dr. Scott Adams has over three decades of experience in law and executive management for major international law firms and corporations.

He has been very involved in community affairs and was named South Carolina Ambassador for Economic Development by former Governor Nikki Haley.

We’ll show you the way out of the retirement matrix

    Join Our Upcoming Seminar To Take The Red Pill And Learn The Truth Behind The Retirement Matrix.


    Hosted By CIU School of Business

    Presented By Doug Jolley

    At Columbia International University

    Tuesday, May 7, 2019

    Thursday, May 9, 2019

    6:30 PM – 8:30 PM


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