Doug Jolley

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Doug Jolley

Today’s financial landscape is not the same as that of our parents. I understand and want to help you navigate the market so you can make wise decisions for you and your family. I do this by getting to know you, investing myself as if we were family; building a long-term relationship that earns your trust.

Your goals become my goals ultimately proving our teamwork provides results. I will be a limitless resource for building your portfolio with a customized strategy dedicated to your purpose and adjust with major life events.

What drives my passion? Thirty years ago, I took a job in the insurance industry. As I grew in that field, I recognized the greatest area of need in both my own life and that of my clients was knowledgeable, well-thought out financial plans.

I began to prioritize the human aspects of my client partnerships as a market-place ministry. I aligned myself with Kingdom Advisors in order to grow in those areas.

In times of crisis, many clients look to us as wise shepherds as much as wise financial advisors. Ministry is a key part of our distinctiveness as Kingdom Advisors.

I’m a committed professional dedicated to help you obtain your financial goals and reach retirement with a zero risk, zero taxes, zero worry status or as close as possible.

As Founder of Retiring Sharp, (also known as Southern Health and Retirement Planning). I’m passionate about offering the best service and care to those who entrust me to care for their financial needs. I’m a member of Kingdom Advisor Network.

I’m a people-person. I enjoy faith, family, and gain great joy from serving others. I’m an accredited journalist. I have published works in print and digital formats and have been a featured guest on talk radio shows across the country. I look forward to serving you!

Client Testimonial

I have nothing but the highest recommendation for Doug Jolley and his SHARP team. In my personal working relationship with Doug, I can tell you that he is concerned and proactive about ensuring the continued well-being of his clients, be it for health/medical insurance or retirement planning. I cannot thank Doug enough for assisting my sister right before the December deadline for ACA enrollment. I referred her to Doug, and he immediately began to guide her through the process on the very day she contacted him. Subsequently, my sister’s husband suffered a heart attack in early January, and she was overwhelmed with anxiety and uncertainty as to what was being covered by insurance. Without hesitation, Doug was in constant communication with her, reassuring her and the family that the situation was under control. And he remains readily accessible – traits seldom found in the business world today.

Doug is the consummate professional, but more importantly, his greatest strengths are the qualities I continue to admire in him as a friend and associate; namely, his strong character and tremendous integrity. His selfless, rather than selfish, nature has no doubt contributed to his devotion to God, his family, friends, and clients. As I have told many others, Doug walks in the light of God with his love and compassion for others. I have the utmost praise, both personally and professionally, for Doug Jolley, an outstanding man, who embodies the best of core values in business and in life.

Public Administrator

Client Testimonial

When not wearing his super cape, Doug is a real hero offering real solutions for health care options that really helped us. He’s even talked to doctors offices to untangle a few bumps at the start, also helped go the extra mile every time I’ve needed anything. It’s apparent his values are to relay a high standard of commitment to his clients. I was referred to him by great friends, and I can see why Southern Health and Retirement is a great choice I’ve made to do business with!

Rebecca & Russell

Client Testimonial

Doug Jolley has been very helpful to me with properly structuring my retirement, protecting me from long term care costs, and with my health insurance. He is very knowledgeable and very kind. He makes me feel so comfortable and goes out of his way to help me at anytime – day or night! I wish I had met him years earlier! He always has a smile on his face.


Client Testimonial

There’s one thing I immediately noticed about Doug: his main interest was in finding out where I’m at in life and what my needs are. Based on my circumstances, he let me know what health and life insurance risks I was facing and he offered plans that fit my budget and needs. I’ve always been the one to do all of my research and purchase online, but I needed more answers and advice than I could find. Doug says things like they are and uses simple language to explain my coverage. I’m glad I went to Doug, and you will be glad you did!